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Dress making

The NAVTI Foundation previously ran a dressmaking program with the aim of helping orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) who lacked skills, be trained in dressmaking in our sewing workshops, with a view to them becoming self-employed upon completion of the course. They learned embroidery, knitting, design and sewing of all styles of dress, both male and female.

With this program, the young underprivileged members of the society were able to have an independent income to support their families, reduce youth unemployment rates and have a real chance of a successful future.

With the support of six sewing machines from PARMED NGO and Regency of Lomar Foundation in Germany, NAVTI launched a dressmaking training workshop in August 2005 in Tobin. The NAVTI Foundation bought two more sewing machines and a zigzag machine and previously ran a two-year training program for underprivileged children on different aspects of dressmaking as an income generating and economic activity.


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