Mechanised Farming support to subsistence farmers

1) Our new project, tractor for Cameroon supported by AMICAL HK and NAVTI Foundation HK has arrived. It is the talk of the town where people have scarcely seen a tractor in this largely agricultural community. People came out from all over the neighborhoods to help off-load the truck carrying the tractor and all were very excited and grateful for this wonderful machine which will assist many farmers to improve their agricultural practices.

NAVTI is already negotiating to secure 10ha of land to grow soya beans and maize to feed our chickens hence saving on feed cost. We have farmers already booking 30ha of land which we need to start tiling and we feel we shall need a second tractor by February to assist the many farmers who are approaching us to book our services.


2) We raised over 500usd in Hong Kong to support our orphan's educational sponsorship program. NVATI Foundation Canada also raised over 1000usd to sponsor over 30 kids. We still need funds to cover 30 more kids left un-sponsored.

3) Canadian volunteers are currently in Cameroon assisting us with HIV/AIDS and OVC (Orphans and Vulnerable Children) education sponsorship programs and a German girl assisting us with computer training.

4) We got 200 computer units from the Loin Club in Perth Australia. We're very grateful as they will assist many schools. ICEA Hong Kong donated keyboards and mice while Computer Universe USA sponsored flat-screen monitors which allow us to supply complete computer systems to schools and enhance their ICT education in our region.

5) We're finalizing a coffee exporting project which will help farmers in Kumbo to export their coffee directly to international buyers hence giving them more income for their products.

6) Our chicken farm project is moving slowly but steadily. We had a 75% hatching rate during the last two hatching seasons and we did produce over 2000 chickens. Many farmers are appreciative of our efforts.