Agricultural Program

Coffee Farm

Given that Bui division was once a big coffee growing area but due to price changes in the world market, many farmers cut down their coffee trees. NAVTI Foundation Canada and Cameroon brought the idea of fair trade starting with assisting farmers in growing coffee to get a better market for their products, Hence we opened a coffee farm in mbiim village in Kumbo to train farmers on coffee cultivation and other crops and we intend to set an agricultural training center there.

Tractor Service

We got a donation of 15000usd from AMICAL Ltd Hong Kong which has helped us acquire a 55hp tractor to be used to improve farming in Bui division and Cameroon as a whole thanks to our Hong Kong donor. Bui division and largely my region of North West of Cameroon can hardly boast of 10 tractors for over 1,5million people who live there and depend on 60-70% of their income from agriculture. Bui division our main working area has about 450,000 people who have access to about 3 tractors of which 2 are very old. Most of our land in kumbo is worked by human hands which take much time and strength for our women and much of the land hasn't been cultivated due to lack of adequate resources. Our recent poultry project to provide over 4,000 chickens to farmers in our area and now this tractor to assist farmers to work their land and get more yield with lower cost is a big revolution to a people who depend on agriculture for a living. If our target of providing our tractor services to farmers to cultivate 200ha of land a year, then food production will definitely increase in our community hence achieving many UN millennium development goals. NAVTI Foundation shall also work about 20ha of land to plant soybeans so that we feed our chicken hence reducing the cost of brooding for our chicken project.

1. Work at least 200ha of farmland a year.
2. Villages we shall be based on are mbonso, Bell- wasi, and ndop plain.

Expected project outcome:
1. Reduce unemployment.
2. Increase food yield and productivity by using cheaper mechanized farming techniques and lesser human hours.
3. Reduce manual labor in agriculture in our region.
4. Implementation of the Millennium Development Goals—eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.
5. NAVTI Foundation will have 20ha of farmland to plant our own soya beans to use to feed our chickens which will reduce our brooding cost. The tractor will arrive in Cameroon by August and we shall set to work immediately so as to gain some time before the dry season starts.