Health Systems strengthening in rural Cameroon

Health Program

The NAVTI Foundation sees that the underprivileged in our community have many problems when it comes to their health, due to an inability to afford health care bills. The Health Program aims to support the creation and management of community health care centers and projects within the Bui Division.

NAVTI Foundation works closely with the Kismet Friendship Health Care Group, our main partner in the execution of health projects. With sponsorship from the Humanitarian Aid Foundation in Germany, we have received medical volunteers who assisted us in visiting villages that lacked access to basic health care services like maternity care. With funding from PARMED NGO in Germany, we aimed to build a health center and hospital, as well as an in-service nursing training school in Nseh village in Kumbo---this work is still under consideration. Our long-term goal is to assist the Malunguri, Mbonsha, Kikoo, and 4 other villages in building and developing their health care systems.

Owing to the fact that HIV-AIDS is a dangerous disease that affects whole communities, we have expanded our activities in this domain. We have been working with the local AIDS control committee in Tobin to assist in this field. In past years, we have taken part in National HIV-AIDS Week where we marched, offered health talks, and visited hospitals. We are also working with HIV-AIDS health clubs to increase awareness and sensitization amongst students, for they are the most vulnerable to this disease.

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