Care and support to HIV&AIDS impacted persons

HIV-AIDS Education and Prevention

The NAVTI Foundation HIV-AIDS program was designed because:

  • The prevalence of HIV-AIDS in Cameroon stands at more than 17%, with the Bui Division having about 8.75% of this population.
  • 1 in 10 children in our community has been orphaned by HIV-AIDS.
  • Due to the high level of poverty, there is an increased prevalence of prostitution and therefore sexually transmitted diseases within our community.

We aim to empower the community to better handle basic health hazards facing them. Our HIV-AIDS work collaborates closely with partners at the Kismet Friendship Health Care CIG.

Over the years, we have organized a project to form HIV-AIDS clubs in secondary schools run by the students and trained them to carry out activities and sensitization campaigns in their various schools. We have also organized inter-school competitions to spread the doctrine against HIV-AIDS amongst the youths in our community. The youths of today are the future of tomorrow and a solid base of health knowledge now will protect our future generation.

We have also received materials from international organizations dealing with HIV-AIDS education which we used to train the community. Banso Baptist Hospital has also provided us with reading materials to help train and educate our community.

Previous volunteers have also undertaken projects aimed at teaching school children and other organizations basic truths about HIV-AIDS.

We have participated in activities for the HIV-AID's day and assisted in educational schemes organized by the Ministry of Public Health in Cameroon and the Banso Baptist Hospital in Bui Division.