Children sponsorship

This project was initiated in June 2005. The aim of this program is to secure the education of 150 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) financially by paying their school fees and providing them with school necessities (i.e. uniforms, school shoes, textbooks, stationery) for three consecutive academic years as from September 2005 to June 2011. We are much in need of your financial assistance in helping us to sustain the Program. The sponsorship fee for one child is €36/year and €5400 is needed in total for the whole program annually.

Mike Li, Volunteer 2007 for the project said “I have had personal first-hand experience in seeing the children and the state their lives are in. The orphans I have visited are suffering immensely. Because local society doesn’t have a consciousness of birth control, one family always has 5 to 8 children on average, which is actually out of their economic ability. We have even witnessed 10 children in one house being taken care of by one single mother. The high rate of orphan families has its social origins. Poor medical treatment qualification and sanitation condition is the main cause of short life expectancy. Male family members died early, leaving the mothers struggling hard to raise the children. Another cause of the orphan family comes from the culture of the society.  Local communities have a low expectation of the father’s contribution to the family.  This results in many men not taking their family responsibilities seriously.  As a volunteer from the outside world, I feel heart-struck by the scenes I saw during the investigation. Hunger, diseases, and social/family stress are three main problems in their lives. Most of them only have one small meal a day at the most if they are lucky. Boiled potatoes and black beans are the most common food. Hypoalimentation and malnutrition are very commonly seen among these children. The careers (most cases are female) suffer a lot to struggle for the food. The children I have seen on my field trips have had no clothes or shoes, just bits of cloth wrapped around them. A career for some of the orphans I visited went and borrowed some clothes from a neighbor for a picture, as she was embarrassed because she didn’t want people who looked at the picture to judge her.

General criteria:

1)  Children aged between 3-16 years old (from nursery to secondary school).

2)  Orphans (COMPLETE: lost both parents; SINGLE: lost one of the parents).

3)  Children of disabled parents, disabled children.

4) Vulnerable children exposed to social and health hazards due to lack of care and support (e.g. children of single mothers, children whose parents lost the ability to take care of them due to illnesses, etc.).

Interviews will be carried out with each eligible orphan. In face of special appeal, the above general criteria serve as a guideline but the final decision on sponsoring an orphan is made by the consensus between the contact persons (community workers) and the Program Manager.

Since the implementation of the Program in June 2005, 98 OVC (4 in nursery schools, 82 in primary schools, and 12 in secondary schools) have been sponsored for the academic year 2005/06 (Note: The target for the first year was set as 100). The total sponsorship we got for the year was €3935 which is very encouraging. In regard to the enthusiastic support from donors all over the World, we decided to sponsor more OVC by expanding the target number to 150~200 up to date.

Your assistance will be of great importance to the implementation of this program, and also to the transformation of the lives of the orphans in the Republic of Cameroon. What you give, is the children’s tomorrow.