Volunteering opportunity

The NAVTI Foundation promotes volunteering within and outside our community, aspiring to bring human resources to underprivileged communities throughout the Bui Division. NAVTI volunteers are housed in Kumbo and work with various organizations throughout the town, including local schools, hospitals, clinics, NGOs, libraries, and individual start-up projects that are in need of expert knowledge, which they currently do not have locally.

Previous volunteers have assisted the community in examining problems, making suggestions, and assisting with solutions, often helping community members write project proposals as they begin looking for assistance.

Our office works with volunteers to ensure that they achieve their aims of coming to our community while ensuring they contribute to the growth of our community before leaving.

International volunteers:
  • We are always accepting international volunteers interesting in assisting us in our various projects in Kumbo, Cameroon. We have  received over 35 international volunteers from Canada, Germany, Holland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, and the United States, who  have helped us on myriad projects.

If you are interested in volunteering, complete the volunteer form (PDF, 47Mb) or contact us.