Support to Children and Schools

We get our funds from member's registration, grants, donations, legacies, and commission from our consultancies and services. We are a non-Profit Making Foundation. All our activities are aimed to improve the life's of the under privileged in our community. So we really depend on donations and assistance in other to enable us to offer assistance to our community so they can enjoy what they wouldn't enjoy in a capitalist world.

Please, we do need your donation as a little drop leads to an ocean.

We sponsor annually 200 children (orphans and vulnerable children) to attend school. We need €40 to pay school fees, buy books, school uniform per child per year. (Averagely €40 per child).

School infrastructure

The condition of various school structures, particularly in the rural areas of the national territory is contributing to the poor quality of the educational standards we can fine around the whole country. Many schools (even government schools) have been the burden of the local communities to constructs and provide teachers, which is too difficult for our peasant population. For example, we have 230 schools in Bui divisions and 74 of them are government created schools with 34 of them having no government teacher. We have an average of 1 teacher to 70 pupils per school, few or no textbooks and 4 pupils per bench of 1-meter size.

  • €12 can sponsor 1 seating bench per school for 3 children.
  • €10,000 can sponsor a well furnished classroom for 90 children to use.
  • €2000 can build a decent school toilet for kids.