Computer literacy to rural Cameroon

We get our funds from member's registration, grants, donations, legacies, and commission from our consultancies and services. We are a non-Profit Making Foundation. All our activities are aimed to improve the lives of the underprivileged in our community. So we really depend on donations and assistance in other to enable us to offer assistance to our community so they can enjoy what they wouldn't enjoy in a capitalist world.

Please, we do need your donation as a little drop leads to an ocean.

The DUNGRI computer center project is one of the projects aimed at improving computer literacy in our community by creating computer centers in schools and villages in Bui Division in Cameroon. We envisage setting up Hardware and Microsoft-Linux, Cisco training schools in major areas of Cameroon, and internet distribution. Please donate us your working computers, printers, scanners, or sponsor a shipment of $5000.