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KUMBO Council, NKUM Council, JAKIRI Council, ELAK-OKU Council, NKOR Council and MBIAME Council

The Kumbo Council and the five other Councils that make up Bui Division are the major developmental bodies in the Division. These are Local Governmental Bodies which as a result of decentralization for easy governance are bestowed with the tasks of local development through elected officials.

Address: P.O. Box 3 - Kumbo, Bui Division, North West Province, Cameroon
Tel: (237) 33 48 10 11
Fax: (237) 33 48 10 11

Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization, Senior Divisional Officer for Bui Division Ministry of Basic Education, Divisional Delegation for Bui Division Ministry of Social Affairs, Divisional Delegation for Bui Division Ministry of Women Empowerment and Family, Divisional Delegation for Bui Division.

North West Association of Development Organization (NWADO)

It is a network of development organizations formed to build capacities, share information and experiences, mobilize resources and advocate on behalf of the civil society of the North West Province.


Kilum Strategic Development Group (KISDEG)

A right- based and non-political organization created in 1998 and legalized in 2000 under the Cameroon law on associations of 1990 with the Reg. No: E26/CSAB/63/387. KISDEG is a rights-based organization run by persons with disabilities and their caregivers.


TADU Diary Cooperative Society

This Cooperative Society headed by the dynamic Lawrence Shang is engaged in diary activities. Since its creation, breeders of cattle have benefited from it through new and modern breeding practices. Many local breeders have been given training abroad so as to help them improve on their activities back home. The Cooperative is producing high breed species and manufacturing products from cow milk.


Operates as a department of the NAVTI Foundation. This CIG is the initiative that produced what we call the NAVTI Foundation today. This CIG carries out two major activities; these are the DUNGRI ICT Project for Computer Literacy in five centres, a Documentation Centre and the Dressmaking Centre for the underprivileged children who after two years of training acquire a workshop and equipment to begin own workshops.


KIDS Bilingual nursery and primary school, Cameroon

Kids' Bilingual Group Kumbo is centred on CHILD education. Under the leadership of Mme Foinso Emelda Kinyuy as Directress, own two Nursery and Primary school campus in Mbve and Tobin towns, Bui division, Cameroon.



The goal of Berkins NGO is to put in place mechanisms that aim at enabling mentally ill persons, orphans, single mothers and other vulnerable children acquire sustaining activities through Life Skills Training Vocational programs.

BUI Disabled Persons Associated (BUDISPA)

BUDISPA is an association of all disabled persons living in Bui Division of the North West Province, Cameroon. It was launched in the Akiri, Kumbo on the 18th of October 2003. The Head Office is in Jakiri at the former Jakiri District Hospital. Shey Kpuntir Humphrey is President while Mrs. Lawan Canisia and Rev. Fr. Roland Berngeh are first and second advisers respectively.

Sharon Farmer's CIG

A group for Integrated Agriculture, Livestock Management., Environmental Protection and Capacity Building that is situated at FAAKUI-WVEM Village of the Jakiri Sub-Division of the North West Province of Cameroon. Mr. Litika Boniface is Coordinator.


BUIFOOT Foundation

BuiFoot Foundation (BUIFoot) is a group having as major objective the alleviation of poverty in Bui Division through sports and community engagement.



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